portable garage

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portable garage - 12/26/21 08:58 AM

I've a Cover Pro 10X17 portable garage for sale. Never been assembled. Harbor freight sells them for $240.I want $150,

Harbor freight item # 63055.
pick up at Mt Pleasant

https://www.harborfreight.com/10-ft-x-17-ft-portable-garage-62860.html <-- click here

Tailgaters take notice.
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Re: portable garage - 01/02/22 05:49 PM

This was an auction "purchase. Thought I'd get a cover for my boat, never expecting what I got. The plastic bags containing the hardware nave never been opened. I got a hell of a deal and I priced it so you will too.
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That portable garage - 02/08/22 08:45 PM

I still have it. I can bring it to Chelsea if someone is interested