Montana #3's Coyote Traps

Posted by: Furstalker

Montana #3's Coyote Traps - 11/13/20 11:05 AM

I've got 67 Montana #3's for sale. 47 of them are offset jaws. They're all fully modified, dyed, tuned and ready to go in the ground. The best coyote trapper I know taught me with these style and they are a great easy to adjust trap. Some have a few extra feet of chain on them, few have pogo anchors. These are good traps I got fully ready to use last season and barely made it out. $15 a piece
I would prefer you pick up or I can meet you within an hour of Marshalltown. If you want pictures I'll text them

4 - Bridger #2 four coiled - $7/piece

2 - MB 550 2 coil - $11/piece

6- #5 wire stretcher new $40
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Re: Montana #3's Coyote Traps - 11/13/20 05:30 PM

Are the bridgers off set ?
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Re: Montana #3's Coyote Traps - 11/13/20 06:42 PM

The Bridger's are offset, 4 coiled
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Re: Montana #3's Coyote Traps - 11/16/20 07:05 PM

Bridgers and MB 550's sold
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Re: Montana #3's Coyote Traps - 12/11/20 06:11 PM

Pm sent