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ADC's Skinning Machines - For Sale - 03/26/16 03:23 PM

Below is a picture of my Original Skinning Machine Base and RTS Speed Gambrel Combo.

Skinning Machines are used to make skinning raccoons and coyotes easy but they really help on otter and other tough to pull critters. (see videos below) It really saves on your body allowing you more time and energy to set/tend more traps. They pay for themselves in no time.

These bases are designed to be mounted to your concrete or wooden floor. They install in minutes with just two 1/2" lag screws or cement wedge anchor bolts.

Bases of all my machines swivel so as to allow you access to all sides of the animals while being placed close to the wall and saving the precious space in your fur shed.

RTS Speed Gambrels swivel to prevent twisting cables on your hoist and they are designed to fit the hooks that come standard on most hoists/winches.*

All my skinners can be used in conjunction with an electric hoist (suggested), 12v. winch, or boat trailer type manual winch. Simply mount your hoist above the base and you're ready to skin.

The total cost of the ADC's Original Base/Gambrel Combo is $145 which includes shipping to you anywhere in the lower 48 states. ($125 without shipping)*


The Wall/Pole/Post Skinner (pictured below) mounts to your wall, post, or pole, or can be mounted horizontally on a bench, includes the wall mounted base, hoist mounting bracket, and RTS Speed Gambrel .... the cost is $195 this includes shipping anywhere in the lower 48. ($170 without shipping) (HOIST NOT INCLUDED)*


Below is my Complete Skinning Machine, this skinner adjusts from 6 1/2' - 11' high, includes the 110V electric hoist, and RTS Speed Gambrel cost is $400 (or $300 if you order without the hoist)*. (I can only deliver this skinner within SpeeDee Delivery's Service Area. If you live outside this area shipping is more than the cost of the machine. Shipping cost is $95.00 in this area or the skinner can be picked up in New Sharon, Ia.)


*With this gambrel, you don't have to worry about not cutting into the tendons, and works for all your typical furbearers that you'd use a skinning machine for. You just hook the ankle into the slot and you're good to go.

This video below shows just how I use the skinning machine ...

The fast version, (raccoon skinning 1 minute, 21 seconds)...

Here's a short clip on skinning a coyote as well...


Bench Mounted Grip (grip only) - $40 includes shipping in the USA

Bench Mounted Grip & Mink Spike Combo - $48 includes shipping anywhere in the USA

Here's a picture...

Click on the video below to see how they work on mink... (they also hold coons, rats, etc... for opening or skinning)...


*Hoists for these machines are very affordable as well. They will cost less than $90 shipped to you in most all locations. PM me for more info on them if you're interested. Thanks!

I can also custom design other type skinners to suit the various needs of different fur sheds. To discuss, or order your skinning machine, PM or TEXT or CALL ME 641-990-4681, PLEASE leave a message, I'm inundated with junk calls but I'll call you back right away. I am certain we can get you set up with a skinner that will work well for you. Thank you.

*$15 off the cost of these skinners if you order them without the gambrel.

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While I don't advertise them as bear skinners,,, well, there it is rockin' it!

Deer too! Who knew? lol

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Re: ADC's Skinning Machines - 09/19/19 12:47 PM

I know this is a very old post but all prices are current. Thank you for your interest.