O'Gorman Catalogs For Sale

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O'Gorman Catalogs For Sale - 03/17/22 04:13 PM


The Following are in Good + Condition and are not Autographed. I need $22.50 each for these


The Following are in Excellent Condition with the exception of one of the 2007-2008 edition's which has a slight crinkle on the cover. All of these have been Autographed by Craig & Dana. I have copies of letter of Authentication for each copy.
I need $31.50 each for these.

[1]-2007-2008 [2 copies]

Additionally, I have a "One of a Kind" 2014-2015 Packing Office Copy which has been used by Nancy. It is signed by Craig, Dana and Nancy Kane. It has added page tabs to locate different items and hand written price changes throughout the Catalog. A corner is torn and binding is loose.I need $33.50 for this copy.

Please PM me if Interested--Thanks for Looking!
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