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#96566 - 05/10/20 01:05 PM Trapping Books for Sale
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[1]-Land Sets and Trapping Techniques by Charles L. Dobbins--$9.50

[2]-Russ Carman's Professional FOX TRAPPING METHODS by Russ Carman 1982 2nd Printing--$6.50

[3]-Simplified Under Ice Beaver Snaring by Jerry Braley & Dan McAllister as told by Bob Noonan [New]--$6.50

[4]-Jim Cundiff's POWER BEDDING-A Rock Solid,No Maintenance Trap Bedding Method-The Final Approach to Land Trapping INCLUDING A Walk through DirtHole Coyote Set by Jum Cundiff as told by Bob Noonan 1996 [NEW]--$7.50

[5]-Encyclopedia of Lure & Bait Making by Kellen Kaatz 2011 [NEW]--$8.50

[6]-Profesional CAT TRAPPING by O.L. Butcher Shushan,N.Y. 1963 [OLD PRICE WRITTEN ON COVER]--$6.50

[7]-The Bobcat Trapper's Bible by Guy Johnson [NEW]--$6.50

[8]-Animal Glands-Where Located-How to Preserve and Where to Sell by O.L. Butcher [4 -page pamphlet]--$4.50

[9]-Oldfield's Conibear Methods Muskrat & Mink by Keith D. Oldfield 1981 FIRST PRINTING [NEW]--$6.50

[10]-How to Trap and use Lure and Bait for Greater Profits by S.Stanley Hawbaker 4th Edition [NEW]--$5.50

[11]-Active Trappers Method of Fox & Coyote Trapping by Neil Olson [NEW]--$9.50

[12]-Russ Carman's RACCOON Trapping Methods by Russ Carman 1983 3rd Printing--$5.50

[13]-Habits of Mink and Professional Mink Trapping Methods and Sets by J.Curtis Grigg Hopkinton,Iowa [NEW]--$9.50

[14]-Carp Catching by J. Curtis Grigg 15 page 1st Edition--$65.50

[15]-Methods of Badger Trapping by J.Curtis Grigg 8 page 1st Edition--$25.50

[16]-Original Add of 'Secrets of Catching Catfish' and Sale of Curt's "Come Hither" Carp Bait J.Curtis Grigg & Sons--$10.50

[17]-Grey Fox Trapping by Richard E. Faler Jr. 1984--$5.50

[18]-Bobcat Trapping The Professional System by Mel Hershberger 2008 [NEW]--$11.50

[19]-The Bobcat Connection A Trapping System by Clint Cummings 1988 [NEW]--$11.50

[20]-Making Mud Pies for Beaver by Rich Faler [NEW]--$6.50

[21]-Long Liner Fox Trapping Volume II by Garold Weiland 1980 4th Printing--$5.50

[22]-The Return of the Wolf by Steve Grooms 1993 [very small tare on botton RH corner of Cover]--$9.50

[23]-Southern Trapline Methods by G.R. Hunter 4th Edition [NEW]--$7.50

[24]-Predator Calling with Gerry Blair 1995--$5.50

[25]-Fur Trapping by Bill Musgrove and Gerry Blair 1979 Hardcover w/Dust Jacket--$8.50

[26]-Trapping and Tracking-A Complete Guide to the Successful use of Traps and Traplines,Lures,Baits,and Scents by George Clawson 1977 Hardcover w/Dust Jacket--$8.50

[27]-History of American Lion Hunting by Wiley Carroll [NEW]--$9.50

[28]-A Modern Trapline Methods & Materials by Bob Gilsvik 1980 Hardcover [previous owners name on Inside Cover--$7.50

[29]-North to The Pole-The Link to Friends & Family had been severed.Now there was no turning back. by Will Steger with Paul Schurke 1987 Hardcover w/Dust Jacket--$9.50

[30]-The Return of the WOLF to Yellowstone by Thomas McNamee 1997 Hardcover w/Dust Jacket--$10.50

[31]-Trapping with Wiley Carroll First Edition [NEW]--$7.50

[32]-Snaring Coyotes by Major Boddicker,Ph.D. and Keith J. Gregerson 2010 2nd Edition [NEW]--$9.50

[33]-Trap Fastening y Charles Dobbins--$7.50

[34]-Trapping Through the Years by Charles L. Dobbins 1998 [NEW]--$9.50

[35]-Chronicles of a Longliner Ride Along for 50 Years of Trapping by Gary Jepson [NEW]--$19.50

[36]-Death in the Desert-The Documented Story of How Claude Dallas Murdered Two Game Wardens by Parker Dozheir [NEW] Hardcover w/Dust Jacket--$10.50 Softcover Book--$9.50

[37]-The Wise One by Frank Conibear and J.L. Blundell [previous library book] 1980 FIRST PRINTING--$8.50

[40]-Master Otter Snaring Catching and Holding Otter Effectively on Dry Land by New Sterling 2004 [NEW]--$7.50

[41]-MUSKRATS-Instructions for the Beginner and the Young at Heart by Garry L. Mclaughlin 2009 [NEW]--$10.50

[42]-Old Man's Lure Formulas Bible Since 1995 in NEW 3 Ring Binder--$17.50

[43]-a few more OTTER by Morris W. Fenner FIRST EDITION [NEW]--$5.50

[44]-TRAPPING-A Practical Guide-by James A. Bateman 1979 Hardcover w/Dust Jacket--$8.50

[45]-Russ Carman's Professional FOX TRAPPING Methods by Russ Carman 1978 FIRST PRINTING--$8.50

[46]-The Nelson System for the Water Trapper by Bill Nelson [NEW]--$17.50

[47]-Raccoon Trapping Made Simple-A Modern Approach to Long-Lining Raccoon by Kyle Kaatz 2001 [NEW]--$8.50

[48]-A Guide to TRAPPING Equipment-Traps Preparation & Marketing of Raw Furs-unknown author--$5.50

[49]-The Bobcat of North America by Stanley P. Young 1978--$11.50

[50]-Thorpe's Suicide Mink Sets by Johnny Thorpe [NEW]--$7.50

[51]-The Mink Trapper's Guide by Rich Faler 2nd Revised Edition--$8.50

[52]-THE COYOTE HUNTER-A Complete Guide to Tactics,Equipment and Techniques for Hunting North America's Perfect Predator by Don Laubach,Merv Griswold and Mark Henckel 2000--$7.50

[53]-Desert Trapping the Big Three by J.C.CONNER [NEW]--$9.50

[54]-Trapsmithing Alteration and Repair of Modern Animal Traps by Henry W. Clark [NEW]-$7.50

[55]-Snare Logic & Foxy Philosophy by Calvin A. Cobb 1984 FIRST EDITION FIRST PRINTING [w/snare instruction written on inside cover]--$23.50

[56]-MEGA MINK METHODS A Complete Guide to Effective Mink Trapping by Gerald Schmitt 2006 2nd Printing [NEW]--$9.50

[57]-Musk,Mystery & Misconceptions-The Lure Makers Guide by Russ Carman 2001 [NEW]--$17.50

[58]-The Art of Mink Trapping by J.K. Conner CR 1950 2nd Edition--$18.50--SOLD--

[59]-The Adventures of TRAPPER JAKE by John J. Carpenter 2011--$8.50

[60]-Grawe's Snaring Methods Volume 1 by A.M. Grawe--$14.50

[61]-Grawe's Coyote Trapping Methods vt A.M. Grawe--$15.50--SOLD--

[62]-Mega Lining Mink and Coon Trapping-The Complete Pro System by Gerald Schmitt [NEW]--$18.50

[63]-Solving Coyote Problems-How to Outsmart North America's Most Persistent Predator by John Trout Jr. 2001--$10.50

[64]-PERFECT SETS by Rich Faler Bedding,Blending & Weather Proofing 2019 [NEW]-$20.50--SOLD--

[65]-The Black Book of Coyote Trapping-The Modern Systemaic Approach by Kellen Kaatz 2017 [NEW]--$9.50

[66]-Long Liner Mink Trappng by Garold Weiland 1980 3rd Printing [very slight stain on cover]--$9.50

[67]-A New Approach to Coon Trapping by Jason Houser 2014 [NEW]-$9.50


PM me if Interested--Thanks for Looking!


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#96854 - 05/24/20 10:28 AM Re: Trapping Books for Sale--!!!LOWER PRICE X2!!!! [Re: Bottom Edge]
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Registered: 01/08/17
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