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#88678 - 12/23/19 09:59 PM Trapping Books for Sale--LOWER PRICE--
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[1]-Coyote Fever A trapping guide by Ray Milligan 1979 original [signed by author w/note to previous owner] older black tape on edge of cover is barely staring to come off but overall Great Condition--$14.50

[2]-Mink Trapping A Deep and Complete Long Lining System by Don Powell--$14.50--SOLD--

[3]-COON TRAPPING The Untold Story by Mike "Red" O'Hearn 2001 [some stains on cover and drawing on back cover--$5.50

[4]-Habits of Mink and Professional Mink Trapping Methods and Sets by J.Curtis Grigg Hopkinton,Iowa [reprint] previous owners name on inside cover--$10.50--SOLD--

[5]-Profitable mink trapping "The Helfrich Professional System" by Jim Helfrich--$6.50

[6]-The Mink Trapper's Guide by Rich Faler 1996 2nd Edition--$11.50

[7]-The Master Trapper's Course by Ralph Scherder [NEW] with Red O'Hearn,Joe Fennell,Ron Leggett,Don Powell,Austin Passamonte,Ed Schneider,Lesel Reuwsaat,Rusty Johnson,Jeff Dunnier,Scott Welch,Mark Zagger,& Bob Noonan--$20.50

[8]-Fox Trapping Methods by Chester R. Hall--$7.50

[9]-NTA Trapping Handbook a guide for better trapping by Tom Krause 2nd Printing 2008--$7.50--SOLD--

[10]-From Trapline to Fur Shed by Russ Carman 4th Edition--$7.50

[11]-Trap Fastening by Charles Dobbins [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]--$18.50

[12]-The TRAP Collector's GUIDE by R.B.Frodelius and R.E.Burt 3rd Revised Edition 1981--$16.50--SOLD--

[13]-The Beaver Trapper's Bible by Guy Johnson 1985--$6.50

[14]-BEAVER SNARING by "Trapper" Arthur Simmerman--$8.50--SOLD--

[15]-Long Liner 'Cat Trapping by Garold Weiland 1976 [some stamping on inside cover]--$13.50--SOLD--

[16]-The Most Successful Methods of Trapping Red Fox.Wolf,Coyote,Lynx,Bobcat & Black Bear 1st Edition 1968 by LaVerne Israelson [previous owners name on top RH corner of cover]--$18.50

[17]-Bobcat Trapper's Guide by Mitchell S. Ricketts 2nd Printing 1987 [previous owners name on inside cover]--$13.50

[18]-Fur,Fortune, and Empire The Epic History of the Fur Trade in America by Eric Jay Dolin [Hardcover w/dust jacket]--$16.50

[19]-The Steel Trap in North America by Richard Gerstell [NEW IN PACKAGE]--$30.50--SOLD--

[20]-Desert Trapping the Big Three by J.C.Connor [NEW IN PACKAGE]--$11.50

[21]-Grawe's Mink Trapping Methods by A.M. Grawe-1st Edition 1977--$8.50

[22]-Professional Cat Trapping by O.L. Butcher Shushan, New York 1963 [old price on top RH corner of cover]--$8.50

[23]-Active Trappers Method of Fox & Coyote trapping by Neil Olson [NEW]--$12.50

[24]-Modern Techniques for Trapping Coyotes and Bobcats by Homer C. Pickens 1973 [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]--$40.50

[25]-Raccoon Trapping by S.Stanley Hawbaker Revised 2nd Edition--$6.50

[26]-RACCOONS Trapping & Handling Methods by Nick Wyshinski 3rd Printing 1970--$6.50

[27]-Space Age Coon Trapping For Today and Beyond by Bernie Barringer 2nd Printing 1998 [top LH corner of cover is slightly roughed up]--$7.50

[28]-Water Trapping and Related Sets Revised and Expanded by Mike Marsyada--$7.50

[29]-TRAPPING SECRETS Methods,Tricks,and Tips of a Fifty-Year Fur Trapper by William Wasserman 2013--$9.50

[30]-The Mink Manual A Common Sense Approach to Mink Trapping by Jim Spencer 1st Printing 1990--$7.50

[31]-Land Trapping Made Simple by Kyle Kaatz 2nd Printing 2007--$9.50

[32]-CANINE TRAPPING Sets and Techniques by Top PA Trappers Compiled by the PTA 2008 with Ed Price,Dick Adkins,Russ Carman,John W. Crawford,Kip Feroce,Dave Graham,Jim Griffith,Dave Heist,Joe Mast,Mark Zagger and many more--$20.50

[33]-Predator Trapping Theories & Techniques by Scott Welch 2010-$9.50--SOLD--

[34]-Bernie Barringer's Complete Guide to Farmland Trapping [cover is slightly loose]-$9.50

[35]-Ken Smythe's Bottom Edge Mink Set by Ken Smythe as told by Bob Noonan--$6.50

[36]-Guide to Better Trapping by Jim Spencer 2007 1st Edition--$8.50

[37]-The Fox Trapper's Journal by Don Nicely Jr.[previous owners name on inside cover]--$5.50

[38]-Profitable 'coon trapping "The Helfrich Professional System" by Jim Helfrich 2nd Printing--$5.50

Please PM me if Interested--Thanks for Looking!

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#89195 - 12/31/19 06:56 PM Re: Trapping Books for Sale--BEST OFFERS-- [Re: Bottom Edge]
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Loc: Clayton County

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