Up for sale is my old 2004 Chevy Suburban 1500 LT Trapping Vehicle. She has seen allot of country at 20 MPH but because of the remoteness where I trap she has been well taken care of. Nicknamed the White Night by ranchers and Iowa Friends she just turned 240,000 miles. I am getting rid of her because my granddaughter had a door bender when she had it during the -30 days at ISU. Insurance company said that fixing the door and rocker panel would cost 3/4 of blue book. We made a deal they gave me a couple of $2,000 bills and let me keep it. Yes its considered totaled even though the damage is just to the left door and side.
Specs- 5.3L 300 HP
Transmission- Replaced last August has 2-3000 miles on it I belive. STill has a 3year/36,000 mile warranty

New 16 inch tires 265/16 great shape I swapped out the originals which were 17"s and put them on my new "old" Suburban

Since its an LT and it is Loaded... Ill tell you what Doesnt work to the best of my knowledge.
a) drivers side seat heater
b) rear window defroster...easy fix the connection to window needs re-glued with conductive epoxy
c) drivers seat up/down motor
d) due to the door damage the left window is fixed up up the door is repaired or placed

ADD ONs-2.5 inch torsion bar lift, new Ranchos all the way around last October, 2 inch block in rear, new coils 3 years ago. To save on ball joints it has an Cognito upper control arms L?R to get the ball joint angle correct due to the lift.

The front end was rebuilt, new ball joints tie rod ends, bearings and left CV axle. Two seasons ago. Why...preventive maintenance...I have yet to be stranded on the prairie with a breakdown and when you travel in sand and snow more then 30.000 miles a season and are 8-10 hours from home my system worked. Its relatively cheep and easy wrench turning and total cost for a complete kit is <$500.

Engine has the typical knocking for that year, they call it cold engine piston slapping noise. I always got around it by letting her warm up before driving. Its obnoxious but After ten years it has never been an problem. The 5.3L is original and seems to still have above average power for a vehicle with 240,000 miles. Burns a quart every 3,OOO miles.

The Marion Jiffy Lube has serviced it every 3,000 or 3 months for years often more as I don't let the oil detergents wear out before a change. Jameson the store manager/owner can attest to it.

For those of you that have pickups I will say the Suburban is the better truck. Because of its even weight and heavier weight then 1/2 truck it will take you places most pickups wont go without the pickup having serious mods down. Second thing is inside storage. No topper required, just add a basket carrier to the hitch receiver for the critters and smelly baits everything else goes inside and its secure. You want access to your rifles, throw them on the back seat tops and they are easily ready. On the days you stop to shoot the bull with friends over lunch, hit the electronic lock and the doors locked and the rear passenger tinted windows stop illegal window shoppers cold. Nebraska has open case law and my lever action .17 is stored on the dash. Even when I would go to Walmart in North Platte I never even thought of losing the rifle. Just hit the remote lock when I get out and go in for supplies.

Yep shes starting to rust rocker panels and rear quarter panels and some showing on door pressed seems.

Asking $4500 or best offer you get it as she sits, door repairs, some rust and lttle things not working. The offering of $4500 is pretty liberal so ask I just might take it.


Ill get photos up soon.
Cracker Jack Trapper and Predator Enthusiast