I have just gotten my new batch of glands in and have not ground any yet. I have coyote glands mostly anal, hock, and bladders, looks like a few foot pads might be in there.

Some of these gallons look very fresh, some look to have a slight taint from the jug sitting out on the skinning machine. I am convincing them to put the jug in the freezer every night and it looks like they did a good job of that this winter.

Right now I am asking $125 per gallon on coyote glands. You pay shipping.

Once I grind them the price goes up.


At this time I can spare around 8 to 10 gallons of glands ranging from very fresh to a little bit of taint. I will drop my per gallon price for a larger order.
I can hand deliver at conventions but need to know now if you want some frozen as i will be grinding and stopping these soon if no one has spoken for them.