I will have available a limited supply of the listed lures for the 18-19 season.
Fox River Call #1. A mouse based lure with plenty of kick. a real fur producer.
Wolfers choice. A coyote dope like no other. intense digging reaction.
Cat contender. Deadly on cats grey fox and lure shy coyotes.
Chip's. A beaver lure that drives them mad.
swamp master. one of the best beaver lures ever bottled.
Water trapper bait. a chunk fish bait that has proven its self time and again.
Predator Trapper bait. a bobcat meat bait that drives all predators wild.
Lures are in 4 oz bottles only. $20+ shipping.
Baits are $14 a pint + shipping.
Pm me here for ordering or more details. Thank you