All of these prices are delivered to osky next weekend

Runnin the line dirt and water basics- Brian Steines. $15

-running the line coon trapping $20

Longlining coons and conibear Ron hauser. $20

Running with J Lord part 2 beaver and otter. $20

Trapline anecdotes back to the basics kyle Katz. $20

bottom edge mink trapping Bob Noonan. $25

Muskrat by the 1000's rick kasper. $25

Turtles by the ton Clint locklear. $15

Predators of the land/ working the water - Alan probs. $25

No BS coon trapping $15

Crushing cook with the alcatraz Clint locklear. $15

Getting by without footholds cages snares conibear. $15

In the fur shed kyle Katz Brian Steines. $20