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#63059 - 03/13/18 08:26 PM Traps Books and DVD's For Sale-EVERYTHING BUT TRAPS 50% OFF
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All traps and other items are as described - I Will be adding things on a regular basis.



If there is a item I don't have listed Just ASK I may have it but not listed.


----Lure and Bait Making Pamphlets--George Bryant--Bryants Trapping Methods Early 1970 Reprints--

[1]-23 Best Beaver Lure Formula's--$10.00 shipped

[2]-173 Trapping Lure & Bait Formula's and Trapping Tips--$12.00 shipped

[3]-50 Best Raccoon Lure Formula's--$11.00 shipped

[4]-32 Best Coyote Lure Formula's--$12.00 shipped

[5]-37 Best Trapping Lure Secret's with Lure Formula's--$10.00 shipped

[6]-62 Best Mink Formula's and 1 Great MINK Bait--$12.00 shipped

[7]-74 Best Muskrat Lure Formulas--$11.00 shipped

[8]-24 Best Otter Lure Formula's--$12.00 shipped

[9[-34 Best Bobcat Lure Formula's--$12.00 shipped

[10]-Animal Glands-Where Found,How to Prepare, Where to Sell by Paul Grimshaw--$6.00 shipped

[11]-15 Best RABBIT Lure Formula's for The Damage Control Trapper--$8.00 shipped

[12]-How to Locate Fox Dens & Get Young Fox Pups by George Bryant--$10.00 shipped

[13]-Three DOG PROOF Fox Sets--$8.00 shipped

[14]-Successful Secrets of Scent Lures by Jim Brown--$9.00 shipped

[15]-Best Fox & Coyote Lure & Bait Formula's by Charles Grimshaw--$12.00 shipped

[16]-MINK TRAPPING by Earl Stanley--$12.00 shipped

-----BEAVER LURE-----

[2]-4 oz. Bottles of Dobbins Backbreaker Lure--$28.00 plus shipping

[3]-4 oz. Bottles of Lenon's Beaver Super All Call--$36.00 plus shipping

[1]-4 oz. Bottle of Lenon's Beaver Super All Call--$14.00 plus shipping


[3]-#4 Victor Double Long Springs--$32.00 shipped--SOLD--

[3]-#2 Sleepy Creek Double Long Springs--$28.00 shipped--SOLD--

[22]-Sleepy Creek #120 Conibears--$10.00 shipped--SOLD--

[12]-#2 Victor Square Jaw Coilsprings--$60.00 plus shipping--SOLD--

[8]-MB450's-[4]MB-450-FH & MB-450-OS w/chain and Dbl Swiveled--$110.00 shipped

[10]-Drags-1/4 in. Diameter Shafts 6" Wide and 6" to 7" Long-Each one has 2 to 3 Feet of Chain--$25.00 shipped

[8]-#1 Onieda/Victor Double Long Springs--$40.00 shipped

[12]-Brand New Duke #1.5 Coilsprings with Mike Kelly Wild River Mink Pans--$100.00 shipped OR BEST OFFER

[12]-Northwood #1 Coilsprings Square Jaw-All with NEW Springs & Most have NEW Bridger Square Pans & Double Swiveled--$45.00 plus shipping
----Have 2 Dozen to Sell---

[12]-Brand New Duke #110 Conibears--$45.00 shipped

[12]-#2 Montgomery Dogless Offset 4-Coiled-Waxed-[BRAND NEW]--$150.00 plus shipping

[12]-Duke #220 Conibears-De-Greased and [BRAND NEW]--$110.00 shipped

[7]-#1.5 Victor/Blake & Lamb Long Springs--$50.00 plus shipping

[3]-#3 Double LongSpring-[2] Onieda/Victor & [1] Diamond-BRAND NEW]--$50.00 plus shipping

[2]-#3 Victor Coilsprings-2-Coiled--$26.00 plus shipping--sold--

[2]-#3 Northhwoods [1] OS [1] Reg Jaw--$25.00 plus shipping

[12] Muskrat Stretchers--$6.00 plus shipping


[1] SNARING COYOTES by Major Boddicker, PH.D. and Keith J. Gregerson-[NEW]--$14.00

[2] A Modern Trapline Methods and Materials by Bob Gilsvik[-HARDBACK BOOK]--$12.00 shipped

[3] Trapping and Wildlife Management by Woodstream Corp.--$6.00 shipped

[4] The Trappers Bible Traps, Snares, and Pathguards by Dale Martin--$10.00 shipped

[5] Guide to Trapping by Jim Spencer--$12.00 shipped

[6] Cronk's Scientific Raccoon Trapping by Oscar Cronk Jr.--$8.00 shipped

[7]-Nebraska Trappers' Guide A Handbook on the Taking of Muskrat,Mink,Beaver,and Coyote and the Handling of Pelts by Edson Fichter Biologist, Fur Investigations and George Hytrek 1948--$30.00 shipped

[8] No Nonsense Beaver and Otter Trapping by Mike Marsyada--$8.00 shipped--SOLD--

[9] Grawe's RACCOON Trapping & Snaring A.M. Grawe--$7.00 shipped

[10]-Wolf and Coyote Trapping by A.R.Harding--[NEW]--$12.00 shipped

[11]-Streamlined Mink Trapping by John Clouser-[NEW]--$12.00 shipped--SOLD--

[12]-Dry Sets for Mink by J.Curtis Grigg, Hopkinton, Iowa-[NEW]-$12.00 shipped--SOLD--

[13] MUSKRAT TRAPPING by Russ Carman--$7.00 shipped

[14] Beaver and Otter Trapping Open Water Techniques by Charles L. Dobbins--$9.00 shipped

[15] BEAVER and OTTER TRAPPING by S.Stanley Hawbaker-[small book]--$6.00 shipped

[16] NTA TRAPPING HANDBOOK a GUIDE to better trapping by the National Trappers Assoc.--$12.00 shipped

[17] Russ Carman's PROFESSIONAL FOX TRAPPING METHODS--$8.00 shipped

[18] Profitable COYOTE Trapping by Jim Helfrich, Professional Trapper "The Helfrich Professional System"-[NEW]--$14.00 shipped

[19] An Old Trapper's Lifetime in the Outdoors-An autobiograghy by Larry "Slim" Pederson-$12.00 shipped--SOLD--

[20] Trapping O'l Chiseltooth by Leornard Pavek-$7.50 shipped--SOLD--

[21] SNARING in the Space Age by Bernie Barringer-$8.00 shipped

[22] The Art of Mink Trapping Fall to Winter by Steve Grulkey-[NEW]--$14.00 shipped

[23] Wolf and Coyote TRAPPING by O.L. Butcher Shushan, New York--$15.00 shipped

[24] Bobcat Trapping A Corral Full of Cat Sets by Bob Schmatt & Wiley Carroll-[NEW]-$16.00 shipped

[25] Trapping with Wiley Carroll--$10.00 shipped

[26] PROFESSIONAL TRAPPING [Revised] MINK & MUSKRAT METHODS by Walter L. Arnold--$12.00 shipped

[27] One Square Mile by Ed Schneider-[NEW]--$25.00 shipped--SOLD--

[28] The TRAPPER'S Handbook Copyright 1923-[slight stain on 1st couple pages]--$30.00 shipped

[29] Trapline Principles 8 Keys to Success by Kellen Kaatz-$8.50 shipped--SOLD--

[30] A New Approach To Coon Trapping by Jason Houser--$13.00 shipped--SOLD--

[31] Hawbaker's Big General Trapping Supply Catalog 1963-1964 Seasons 1965-1965--$12.00 shipped

[32] Muskrats: The Trappers Meals Ticket by Nick Wyshinski--$7.50 shipped

[33] Just Muskrats by Mike Sells--$12.00 shipped

[34] TRAPPING AND POACHING by Arthur Ingram--$8.00 shipped

[35] DYNAMITE Predator Trapping by Tom Krause--$14.00 shipped--SOLD--

[36] ERMINE and How to Trap Them by Matt Westermeyer--$10.50 shipped

[37]-Open Water Beaver Trapping Made Simple by Kyle Kaatz--$9.00 shipped--SOLD--

[38]-Raccoon Trapping Made Simple A Modern Approach to Long Lining Raccoon by Kyle Kaatz--$9.00 shipped

[39]-Dennis Kirk Game Calls Professional Coon Calling--$12.00 shipped

[40]-DYNAMITE Snares & Snaring by Tom Krause--$14.00 shipped

[41]-TRAPPING & SNARING BEAVER Using the "SUPREME METHODS" by Carl Jones--$13.00 shipped--SOLD--

[42]-Russ Carman's RACCOON Trapping Methods by Russ Carman--$10.00 shipped--SOLD--

[43]-MINKOLOGY by Don Nicely Jr.--$11.00 shipped

[44]-THE MUSKRAT Marshland Wanderer by Gerry Barcella--$12.00 shipped

[45]-No Nonsense Mink Trapping by Mike Marysada--$12.00 shipped

[46]-Ken Smythe's Bottom Edge Otter & Beaver--$12.00 shipped

[47]-Outdoorsman's Edge Guides PREDATOR HUNTING Proven Strategies that work from East to West by Ron Spomer--$15.00 shipped

[48]-Efficient Effective NEW SNARE METHODS by: Larry Slim Pederson-[small pieces of tape on both covers]--$12.00 shipped--SOLD--

[49]-Favorite Sets of Top Trappers Volume II Compiled by the Fur Takers of America--$14.00 shipped

[50]-You Can Make Record Coon Catches by Carroll Black--$13.00 shipped

[51]-Life of Coyotes & Its Survival in The Wild by Larry [Slim] Pederson--$16.00 shipped

[52]-The Next Generation of Life of Coyotes & Its Survival in the Wild by Larry [Slim] Pederson--$16.00 shipped

[53]-Predator Trapping Problems and Solutions Volume IV- The Very Last Edition by Larry [Slim] Pederson--$16.00 shipped

[54]-Complete Bobcat Trapping Methods by Larry [Slim] Pederson--$16.00 shipped--SOLD--

DVDs-- :popcorn:

[1]-Runnin'The Line Beaver Trappin' with Brian Steines and Steve Griebel--$12.00 shipped

[2]-The Truth 9 CALLING ALL COYOTES With Randy Anderson-3 hrs-50 Kills--$8.00 shipped--SOLD--

[3]-Succussful Beaver and Otter Trapping Volume #1 "Making Beaver Pay" with Matt Jones--$25.00 shipped

[4]-Raccoon Riot with Gary Schumann--$25.00 shipped

[5]-Mink, Muskrat and Raccoon on Streams by Charles L. Dobbins--$26.00 shipped

[6]-A Complete Guide To Trapping & Snaring by Trappers T.V.--$20.00 shipped

[7]-Beaver Man Kirk Dekalb presents Catching the Numbers--$25.00 shipped

[8]-Runnin the Line 'Coon Trappin' by Mill Creek Lures--$15.00 shipped

[9]-OTTER'LY SIMPLE with Clint Locklear & Newt Sterling--$25.00 shipped

[11]-Ken Smythe's Bottom Edge Plus Beaver Beaver and Otter--$22.00 shipped

[12]-Coonin' & Beaverin Trapping with Alan Probst--$15.00 shipped

[13]- Middle Tennessee Trappers Training Camp with Wendell Reeves Jerry Bowman Paul Antczak Rusty Johnson James Lord Josh Daniel Greg Webb--$15.00 shipped

[14]-Beaver Control Trapping with Hal Sullivan--$25.00 shipped

[15]-COON TRAPPING The Untold Story...The Video by Red O' Hearn--$26.00 shipped--SOLD---

[16]-No BS Coon Trapping No Pocket Set System with Kendall Obermier--$20.00 shipped

[17]-No BS Coon Trapping Volume 2 "The Numbers Game" with Kendall Obermier--$20.00 shipped

[18]-Runnin' The Line: Makin Crop Circles-Predator Trapping with Brian Steines & Steven Griebel--$15.00 shipped

[19]-Dryland Coon Trapping UNPLUGGED with Mark Steck--$25.00 shipped

[20]-Trapping in South Texas with Jerry Bowman--$13.00 shipped

[21]-F&T'S FREEDOM OUTDOORS Season 4-Series #1--$15.00 shipped

[22]-F&T'S FREEDOM OUTDOORS Season 4-Series #2--$15.00 shipped

[23]-National Trapper's Assoc. Master Trappers Volume I--$16.00 shipped

[24]-National Trapper's Assoc. Master Trappers Volume II--$16.00 shipped

[25]-Year Long Blitzkrieg with Professional Trapper Clint Locklear--$30.00 shipped

[26]-THE PORTABLE POCKET-How to catch Coyotes to Muskrats with one simple fast system by Clint Locklear--$26.00 shipped

[27]-Killer Otter Trapping Techniques with Master Trapper Claudie Taylor--$25.00 shipped--SOLD--

[28]-Trapline Anecdotes:Roadlining-Mink, Muskrat and Raccoon Trapping with Kyle Kaatz--$22.00 shipped

[29]-High Performance Snaring 2 with Professional Trapper Clint Locklear--$25.00 shipped

[30]-PREDATOR TRAPPING PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS North-South-East-West by Larry [Slim] Pederson--$28.00 shipped--SOLD--

[31]-Just Wildlife Dvd by Slim Pederson--$12.00 shipped

[32]-Beaver Man, Kirk DeKalb Presents TRAPPIN' TALES"-True Stories and Footage from "The Leading ADC Beaver Trapper in America"--$25.00 shipped

[33]-Professional Water Trapping with Tom Miranda Mink,Raccoon,Muskrat,Beaver--$24.00 shipped

[34]-Professional Predator Trapping Fox, Coyote and Bobcat with Tom Miranda--$24.00 shipped

[35]-40 CENTS AND A WEASEL with Gary Schumann--$13.00 shipped

[36]-Lure and Bait Making tips, trips and methods with Clint Locklear and Predator Control Group--$24.00 shipped

[37]-Trapline Techniques: Canine Fundamentals with Scott Welch--$25.00 shipped

[38]-MUSKRATS: LIKE MONEY IN THE BANK with Kyle Kaatz--NEW-$20.00 shipped

[39]-GLANDS: A Trapper's Commodity with Kyle Kaatz--NEW--$20.00 shipped

[40]-Animalistics Outdoors-Woods, Roads,and Ridges-The toughest way to fill those Coyote Stretchers w/Darin Freeborough-NEW--$25.00 shipped

[41]-J.W. Crawfords Fox Trapping Part Timing or LongLongling-NEW--$28.00 shipped

[42]-J.W. Crawfords Trapping 'COON with DP's Sunny Skies and Hurricanes--$28.00 shipped

[43]-THE MODERN PREDATOR HUNTER with Byron South--$15.00 shipped

[44]-Drury Outdoors Predator Madness-Predator Hunting Redefined--$13.00 shipped

[45]-Drury Outdoors Predators Madness 2-An all new Predator Hunting Explosion--$13.00 shipped

[46]-Predator Hunters Presents Winter Magic 22 Exciting Predator Hunts from East to West--NEW--$15.00 shipped

[47]-Coyote Craze Video Series FEEDING THE ADDICTION with Geoff Nemnich-NEW--$14.00 shipped

[48]-Down South Trappers-Fawn Killers--[Cover is cracked but Dvd is fine]--$25.00 shipped

[49]-John Graham's Bobcat Trapping Vol.2 "More Ways to catch Cats"--$25.00 shipped

[50]-2009 NTA Demo Dvd-NTA 50TH Anniversary-John Grahan,Dirk Shear,Henry Beecher,Tom Parr,Eric Space,Carroll Black,Art Scott,and Hal Sullivan--$16.00 shipped

[51]-Top Lot Mink and Muskrat Handling with Leon Windschitl--$22.00 shipped--SOLD--

[52]-Coon Whisperer with Allen Hetrick--$28.00 shipped

[53]-Texas Predator Pursuit Day & Nite Predator Hunting Vol.I Featuring Jeff Thomason $ Tom Woodall--$12.00 shipped

[54]-Hunting The Night Shift--Night time Predator Hunting--$12.00 shipped

[55]-Night Crew Night Predator Hunters-NEW--$15.00 shipped

[56]-Predator Quest Quest for Coyotes featuring Jeff & Les Johnson--$13.00 shipped

[57]-Knight & Hale Game Calls Coyote Magic Feel the Rush-NEW--$13.00 shipped

[58]-Johnny Stewart Wildlife Calls OPERATION PREDATOR 7-NEW--$13.00 shipped

[59]-The Truth IV Calling all Coyotes with Randy Anderson--$12.00 shipped

[60]-The Truth V Calling all Coyotes with Randy Anderson--$12.00 shipped

[61]-The Truth 6 Calling all Coyotes with Randy Anderson--$12.00 shipped

[62]-The Truth 7 Calling all Coyotes with Randy Anderson --$12.00 shipped

[63]-The Truth 8 Calling all Coyotes with Randy Anderson--$12.00 shipped

[64]-The Truth 11 Calling all Coyotes with Randy Anderson--$12.00 shipped

[65]-FOXPRO The Furtakers Volume II-NEW--$14.00 shipped

[66]-The Verminators II Predator or Prey with Randy Anderson & Rick Paillet--$12.00 shipped

[67]-River'n with Clint & Newt with Clint Locklear and Newt Sterling--$26.00 shipped

[68]-TBR PREDATORS Round 1 Coyotes vs. 55 Grains Wanted Dead or Alive-NEW--$15.00 shipped


[70]-FOOTHOLD TRAP Adjustment and Treatment Special Focus on Canine Traps with Bob Noonan--$25.00 shipped

[71]-Traps,Equipment and Modifications Charles L. Dobbins & Wayne Freebersyser--$25.00 shipped

[72]-BUSTIN COYOTES Hunting and Calling was Filmed in Montana,Wyoming,North & South Dakota-NEW--$15.00 shipped

[73]-Canines 2000 with Hal Sullivan-Paper Sleeve--$25.00 shipped Same price for[1] in Case Also

[74]-Beaver 2000 with Hal Sullivan-Paper Sleeve--$25.00 shipped

[75]-LongLine Road Trapping with Mark Steck-Paper Sleeve--$28.00 shipped

[76]-Farmland Snaring with Mark Steck-Paper Sleeve--$28.00 shipped

[77]-Lesel Reuwsaat's Coyote Snaring Methods "The Great Equalizer"-NEW--$32.00 shipped

[78]-Cutting Edge Raccoon Trapping with Trent Masterson Trapping in the Country,Suburbs and the City--$35.00 shipped

[79]-Professional Mink and Raccoon Trapping Volume II With Tom Miranda/Bob Gilsvik [case has crack but Dvd is fine--$25.00 shipped--SOLD--

[80]-Professional RACCOON Trapping with Tom Miranda/ Bob Gilsvik--$26.00 shipped--SOLD--

[81]-Professional BEAVER Trapping with Tom Miranda/Bob Gilsvik--$26.00 shipped

[82]-Professional MUSKRAT Trapping with Tom Miranda/ Bob Gilsvik--$26.00 shipped

[83]-Professional Water Trapping with Tom Miranda Volume I--$26.00 shipped

[84]-Professional Water Trapping with Tom Miranda Volume II--$26.00 shipped--SOLD

[85] RED FOX FRENZY with Tom & Tera Roach--$26.00 shipped

[86]-SKUNKS: The Best Investment You'll Ever Make with Kyle Kaatz--$15.00 shipped--SOLD--

[87]-Under the Ice BEAVER SNARING SIMPLIFIED with Royce Teague--$28.00 shipped

[88]-Open Water Beaver with Charles L. Dobbins and Wayne Freebersyer--$30.00 shipped

[89]-FARMLAND SNARING Snaring in Rural America with Mark Steck--$28.00 shipped--SOLD--

[90]-Professional Fox Trapping with Tom Miranda--$25.00 shipped

[91]-Professional Raccoon Trapping with Tom Miranda--$25.00 shipped

[92]-Professional Predator Trapping Volume II with Tom Miranda--$25.00 shipped

[93]-Meet the CoyWolf Part Coyote Part Wolf--$25.00 shipped

[94]-Frozen Steel-Field Trapping Coyotes and Fox in the Snow with Darin Freeborough--$28.00 shipped

[95]-Fox Trapping 50 Years on the Line by Dick Atkins--$30.00 shipped

[96]-Coyote Trapping Making Sense of it All-with Charlie Masheck;Introducing Jake Masheck and Justin Jett--$30.00 shipped

[97]-Trapping Coyotes-Pass It On-101 by Brian Fischer--$32.00 shipped

[98]-Canine Trapping with John Chagnon--$30.00 shipped--SOLD--

[99]-Combines and Coyote Wolfin' the Cornbelt with Randy Smith--$35.00 shipped

[100]-COYOTE Trapping-Problem Solved with Brian Fischer--$30.00 shipped

[101]-Runnin' the Line:'Coon Trappin' with Brian Steines and Steve Griebel--$17.00 shipped

[102]-Runnin' the Line:Dirt and Water Trapping Basics with Brian Steines and Steve Griebel--$17.00 shipped

[103]-Beaverin' w/Alan Probst--$15.00 shipped

[104]-Winter Canine Trapping Snow, Ice, and Beyond by J.W. Crawford--$32.00 shipped

[105]-Locations for Canines by J.W. Crawford--$25.00 shipped

[106]-Snaring in the Snow Bobcat-Fox-Coyote Featuring Bernie Barringer & Rick Hines--BRAND NEW--$26.00 shipped

[107]-Lesel Reuwsaat's Professional Farmland Trapping Methods--$28.00 shipped--SOLD--

[108]-Runnin Hard with the Grizz A Futuristic Coon Trapping System--$28.00 shipped

[109]-SNARE MASTERS with Jim & Jay Gough Legends of Trapping--$28.00 shipped

[110]-Runnin The Line: Makin Crop Circles Predator Trapping with Brian Steines & Steve Griebel--$18.00 shipped

[111]-"Classic Video" by Herb Lenon-Brand New--$35.00 shipped

[112]-Daytime Raccoon Calling and Hunting by Sonny Hootman and Mike Sells--$26.00 shipped--SOLD--

[113]-Winter Coon Trapping Dens 'N Trails with Ron Hauser--$26.00 shipped--SOLD--

[114]-Marty Senneker's Mass Production Coyote Snaring--$35.00 shipped

VHS Tapes

[1]-Fur Handling 2000 with Hal Sullivan--$12.00 shipped

[2]-Clean Skinning and Stretching Beaver with Hal Sullivan--$12.00 shipped

[3]-Beaver 2000 with Hal Sullivan--$12.00 shipped

[4]-Wilderness Trapping featuring Mike Lapinski--$8.50 shipped

[5]-Buckshots Water Trapping Video #4--$11.00 shipped

[6]-North American Trapper Presents Working the Water Vol. #1--$12.00 shipped

[7]-MARSHLAND MUSKRATS-Muskrat Trapping with Ron Hauser--$13.00 shipped--SOLD--

[8]-Calling Coyote Throughout America Part I by Dennis Kirk--$12.50 shipped--SOLD--

[9]-Dennis Kirk Game Calls KILLIN' COYOTES--$12.50 shipped--SOLD--

[10]-RIVER TRAPPING FOR BIG NUMBERS OF COON By David S. Plueger--$20.00 shipped

[11]-MEGA MINK METHODS...The Video A Complete Guide To Effective Mink Trapping by Gerald Schmitt--$22.00 shipped

[12]-TRAPPER ART'S ADVANCED FOX and COYOTE--$20.00 shipped

[13]-Mossy Oak eyes front Volume 1 Song Dogs Along the Rio Grande-[NEW]--$16.00 shipped

[14]-Open Water Beaver Trapping by Charles Dobbins & Wayne Freebersyser--$14.00 shipped--SOLD--

[15]-Mink, Muskrat,& Raccoon Trapping on Streams by Charles L. Dobbins--$14.00 shipped

[16]-High Rolling Fox Trapping Long Line Fox Trapping Methods Vol 1 by L.Craig O'Gorman--$30.00 shipped

[17]-Fox Trapping, Vol 3 The Trapline in Winter by L.Craig O'Gorman--$30.00 shipped

[18]-Snare Vol 4 The Ultimate Production System by L.Craig O'Gorman--$30.00 shipped

[19]-Ken Smythe's Livin on the Edge Bottom Edge Mink Set--$15.00 shipped--SOLD--

[20]-"Professional Dry Land Coon Trapping" Part 1 by Dennis & Bob Kirk--$16.00 shipped--SOLD--

[21]-Leggett's Fox Trapping Methods Foxes by the Thousand by Pete & Ron Leggett--$20.00 shipped

[22]-Production Line Water Trapping Mink,Muskrat,Raccoon and Beaver with Tom Miranda & Jeff Smith--$16.00 shipped

[23]-Professional MINK TRAPPING with Tom Miranda & Bob Gilsvik--$16.00 shipped

[24]-" Straight Forward Mink Trapping" Part 1 by Dennis Kirk & Mike Marasayada--$20.00 shipped

[25]-"Straight Forward Mink Trapping" part 2 by Dennis Kirk & Mike Marasayada--$20.00 shipped

Please PM me if you are interested -- Thanks!!!

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Any of the #3 longs have factory offset?

#63504 - 03/29/18 09:26 PM Re: Traps Books and DVD's For Sale--Added Traps 3/19 [Re: Bottom Edge]
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