Coyote Trapping, Longlining The High Plains Payne and Masterson 30.00
Western Coyote Andy Weiser 30.00
Lesel Reuwsatts Professional Farmland Trapping 25.00
100.000 miles of Coyote Snaring, Steck 30.00
leggetts Fox by the Thousand 25.00
Catching Coyotes John Graham 30.00
Bobcat Trapping Road To Success John Graham, 30.00
Bobcat Catching volume 2 John Graham, 25.00
scott painters Bobcat Trapping 25.00
Down South Fawn Killers 25.00
Keg Creek Production Trapping 25.00
Top Lot Mink and Muskrat Handling 25.00
Coon Whisperer Allen Hetrick 25.00
Art of DP Coon Trapping Bryan Flowers 25.00
all prices include shipped to you not really intrested in any dvd trades as ive probably seen it

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