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#57972 - 11/25/17 11:00 PM DVD and Book package
Richard Offline

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Loc: Iowa. Union
Would like to sell as a package. $320 postage paid, prefer postal money order. Sold pending payment!
Catching the numbers- Dekalb
Runnin the beaver line-Mill Creek
After the catch-Jones
No BS coon trapping- Obermier
No BS coon #2. - Obermeir
Professional beaver control- Locklear
Coon trapping-O'Hearn
Killer otter trapping-Taylor
Trapping tales-Dekalb
Cat collector-Locklear
High performance snaring-Locklear
High performance snaring 2 -Locklear
Trapping south Texas-Bowman
Teachers of the night coyote dirt hole -Locklear
Production trapping-Keg creek
Portable pocket- Locklear
Otter'ly simple- Locklear & Sterling
Trap line anecdotes roadlining- Katz
River'n- Locklear & Sterling
Raccoons & Cornfields- Welch
F&T's Freedom Outdoors season 4
Predator trapping problems & solutions-Peterson
Mega mink methods- Schmitt
Boars gone wild-Smith
Coyote chaos- Locklear & Jones
NTA master trappers 1
NTA master trappers 2
Year long blitzkrieg-Locklear
Bottom edge mink- Noonan
Making crop circles- Mill creek
Dryland coon - Steck
Raccoon riot- Schumann
Runnin the line coon - Mill creek
Professional farmland trapping- Reuwsaat
Successful beaver & Otter - Jones

Improved bobcat trapping - Pederson
Snarelines across the west - Lucero
An old trappers lifetime - Peterson
No nonsense beaver & otter - Marsyada
Snaring in the space age - Barringer
Trapping with Wiley Carroll
Mega lining mink & coon - Schmitt
True confessions of the coyote whisperer- Karen's
Dirt hole and its variations- Dobbins
Baits , lures & attractors for fox & coyote- Pavek
Fox & Coyote dirt & snow covering methods - Pavek
Complete coiner - Milligan
Beyond the dirt hole - Lee
Long liner fox 1 - weiland
Long liner fox 2 - Weiland
Trapping the mink - Pavek
Corral full of cat sets - Schmitt & Carroll
Snare logic & foxy philosophy - Cobb
Life cycle of predators -Peterson
Evaluation of lures , baits & urines - Dobbins
Coyote trapping proven methods from Kansas - Schneider
Coyote man my life with the coyotes - Alcorn
Journals of a Coyotero - Schumaker
The Conibear & the stabilizer stake - Keilhorn
Snaring methods 2 - Grawe
Mink tales - Hall
High rolling coon - O'Gorman
Trapline principles 8 keys to success - Katz
Beaver trapping Miller style - Miller
Johnny Thorpe interview with a legend - Smith
Fox trapping the big picture - Graham
Practical snare methods - Peterson
Trapping O'L chiseltooth the beaver - Pavek
Bobcat trapping- Hershberger
Everything you need to know to successfully trap & snare fox & coyote - Pavek
Advanced trapline and snaring for fox & coyote 2 - Pavek
The snare man - Pavek
Conibear beaver trapping in open water - Murphey
Iowa trappers talk forum book
Commercial beaver harvest - Check
Long liner coyote trapping - Weiland
Long liner cat trapping - Weiland
Habits of mink & professional mink trapping methods & sets - Grigg
Long liner mink trapping - Weiland
Raccoon trapping & snaring methods - Grace
Larry's snaring experiences - Wittman
Predator trapping problems & solutions 4 -Petersen
One square mile - Schneider
Formulating & compounding animal lures & baits - Wyshinski
Trappers guide to using essential oils , essences , powders & crystals - Wyshinski

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#59271 - 12/17/17 07:18 PM Re: DVD and Book package [Re: Richard]
mikenelson Offline

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Loc: iowa
How many dvds do you have left. Would be interested in buying them all. What would be price shipped to me
or im not sure where you are located. I live north of Lucas, Iowa. Let me know


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