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[1]-sold-Raccoon Trapping "Stringing Steel" By OUR OWN "Dale Billingsley 2005 - 1 hour plus- NEW IN PKG--$16.50--sold--
[2]-sold-High Production Beaver Trapping "The Fastest Beaver Trapping Methods on Earth" By OUR OWN "Dale Billingsley - 2005 - 2 hours - NEW ON PKG--$16.50--sold--
[3]-Snare Guy with Tom Krause [NEW IN PKG]--$15.50
[4]-Fox Trapping: Exploring the Outside Edge with Bruce Slater -[NEW]--$14.50
[5]-5 x 5/155 Bodygrip Combo Marten and Fisher Set and Marten and Fisher Fur Handling with Bob Noonan - NEW IN PKG --$12.50
[6]-sold-Otter Trapping Made Simple with John Wilkinson 1 hr 24 minutes - NEW --$16.50--sold-
[7]-sold Bob Wendt's Fox Trapping & More - Special Bonus: Fox Calling with Steve Craig - 239 minutes - used --$13.50 sold
[8]-sold-Bob Wendt's On the Dog Line - used--$16.50-sold-
[9]-Bob Wendt's "On the Cat Line" - 2004 - used --$16.50
[10]-Blue Bucket Set by OUR OWN "JIM WITMER 2012- NEW IN PKG--$14.50
[11]-The Art of Calling Coyotes with Allen Dockter - 2011 - 90 minutes - NEW in PKG.--$10.50
[12]-Bottom Edge Mink Trapping by Bob Noonan - used --$15.50
[13]-Cold Weather Daytime Raccoon Calling with David and Mike Sells - used - $13.50
[14]-Caging Bobcats Guaranteed Success with Mercer Lawing - 115 Minutes - NEW IN PKG--$15.50
[15]-Caging Bobcats Guaranteed Success with Mercer Lawing - 148 Minutes - NEW IN PKG--$15.50

Please PM me if you are Interested - Thanks for Looking!

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