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[1]-Canine Trapping with John Chagnon [NEW in Pkg]--$12.50
[2]-Professional Predator Trapping - Fox and Coyote Pro Course with Tom Miranda [NEW in Pkg.]--$13.75
[3]-Professional Predator Trapping - Fox, Coyote and Bobcat with Tom Miranda--$11.50
[4]-The Pocket Set Mink & Coon Trapping With Ron Hauser- 2 Disc Set - 3 hrs --$14.50
[5]-sold-No BS Coon Trapping No Pocket Set System with Kendall Obermier--$9.75--sold--
[6]-sold-No BS Coon Trapping Volume 2 "The Numbers Game" with Kendall Obermier--$9.75--sold--
[7]-Minkin' & Muskratin' Trapping with Alan Probst - 2 dvd set - [NEW in Pkg.] 240 minutes--$12.50
[8]-Trapline Anecdotes: Back to the Basics with Kyle Kaatz--$9.75
[9]-Leech Trapping From Fun to Profit with Jeff Dunlap--$8.75
[10]-Trapline Anecdotes: New Mexico Sandhills Coyote Trapping with Kyle Kaatz--$10.50
[11]-On the Trapline with Lesel Reuwsaat 'Advanced Professional Badger Methods--$12.25
[12]-Professional Mink Trapping with Tom Miranda/Bob Gilsvik--$12.50
[13]-sold-Pipe Trapping - The Motherload of Mink and Coon with Mark Steck--$11.75--sold--
[14]-Popping Weasels with Jeff Dunlap--$10.50
[15]-Coyote Trapping for Beginners with Jeff Dunlap--$8.75
Please PM me if you are Interested--Thanks for Looking!

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