Text me your number and I will text you price list and info. 641-340-1123 Got time today and will post prices. Fist no damage skulls that means no bullet holes, broken jaws or teeth. All skulls must be skinned. Place in a shopping bag and freeze them. Mark the bags with the type and number of skulls in it. I will be at the ITA Sale if you want to bring them there, let me know what and how many you are bringing. Bobcat $5.00, Otter $4.00,Badger $3.00, Red or Grey fox $2.00, Coyote $1.00, Coon $1.00, Skunk $1.00, Lg. up Beaver $1.00, Mink 25 cents, Rat 25 cents, Badger Front Feet no damaged claws $1.00 per foot, Coon peckers 50 cents each, otter peckers 75cents each Deer Tails green frozen $1.00 each, Deer Antlers good hand antler $10.00 per pound. Castor good dry at this time $50.00 per pound, that could change as season goes on. Hope this helps some of you. Bruce Hutton

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