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[1]-Logging Roads Lanes & Laminations with Troy Erickson and Jason Dufresne - 1 hr 47 min --$10.75
[2]-Take Your Trapping to the Extreme ~ Locating Fox and Coyote Volume III ~ "Predators East to West" by J. W. Crawford--$8.75
[3]-Under the Ice - Beaver Snaring Simplified with Royce Teague - 2 hrs 20 min --$14.75
[4]-"Predator Madness" Guide to Trapping Canines w/Alan Probst - Two Dvd Set - 2 hrs --$11.75
[5]-Beaver Hunting with the Anglin's--82 minutes--$8.75
[6]-SOLD-"Trappin'Tales" True Stories and Footage from "The Leading ADC Beaver Trapper in America" with Beaver Man Kirk DeKalb--$14.75--SOLD--
[7]-Dirt Holes Beyond the Basics by Clint Locklear--$8.75
[8]-Frozen Steel - Fireld Trapping Coyotes and Fox in the Snow with Darin Freeborough--$11.75
[9]-West Texas Trapping with Orrin Schoolcraft--$11.75
[10]-Snaring Coyotes in Saskatchewan--$10.75
[11]-SOLD-Trapline Techniques - Raccoons & Cornfields - Catching Coon with DP's and Snares with Scott Welch--$10.75--SOLD--
[12]-Show me the Money - Pro Fur Handling with Charlie Masheck - Effecient - Practical - Profitable--$9.75
[13]-Crushing Coon with the Alcatraz - Drilling Down on Dog-Proof Trapping by Clint Locklear--$8.75
[14]-SOLD-Snare Building for Profit with Mark Steck--$9.75--SOLD--
[15]-Trapline Anecotes: New Mexico Sandhills Coyote Trapping with Kyle Kaatz -1 hr 54 min--$8.75
[16]-On the Trapline with Lesel Reuwsaat "Advanced Professional Badger Methods"--$13.75

Please PM me if Interested and refer to List II when ordering off this list. Thanks for Looking!

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