This List Consists of all Brand New Dvd's with old price tag on front
The Used list will be marked and listed below
Please do not ask for any lower price cause what you see is a price that won't be beat. Thanks!

[1]-Animalitics -Trapping Winter Coyotes with the "Animal" Darin Freeborough - 2 hours --$9.50
[2]-Animalistics - Rattlin' Chains with Darin Freeborough-2 hours--$9.50
[3]-Coyote Trapping with trapperchick - Predator Control, Live Market, and Fur Trapping--$8.50
[4]-SOLD-Coyotes R Us the video with Steve and Lori Gappa - 2 hrs 25 min --$9.50--SOLD--
[5]-Wolverine Trapping with Paul Trepus--$15.50
[6]-J.W. Crawfords Winter Canine Trapping - Snow, Ice and Beyond -2 disc set --$13.50
[7]-High Speed Predator Trapping with Jeff Dunlap--$11.50
[8]-Eastern Style Canine Trapping with Mark Schaefer--$10.50
[9]-Runnin with J Lorf part II Beaver and Otter -1 hr 50 min --$12.50
[10]-sold-Canines- Take'm Dead or Alive by Professional Trapper George Burton - 2 hrs 20 min --$11.50--sold--
[11]-The Beaver Project - a AWPA Production with Jim Wallner - taped in Minnesota --$12.50
[12]-Foothold Trap - Adjustment and Treatment - Special Focus on Canine Traps with Bob Noonan -1 hr 20 min --$11.50
[13]-sold-Snaremasters with Jim & Jay Gough - 2 hrs 47 min --$15.50--sold--
[14]-sold-Raccoons, Coilsprings 'N' Blind Sets with Ron Houser - 80 minutes --$13.50--sold--
[15]-J.W. Crawfords Maine Wilderness Trapping - From Coyote to Marten to Weasel--$12.50
[16]-The Legend of Willow Creek and Sticky Fingers - Cage Trapping Instructional Video by Professional Trapper George Burton--$10.50
[17]-Coyote Trapping with Mark June Volume II--$11.50
[18]-Marten Trapping with Tom Krause--$13.50
[19]-Trapline Techniques - Mud, Snow & Predators - 2 hrs 15 min --$11.50
[20]-The Catmen -The Catmen: Volume I "Bobcats, Lynx & Lions by Clint Locklear -60 minutes --$11.50
[21]-A Maine Trapline with Brian Donaghy and Mark Donaghy - 218 minutes --$10.50
[22]-sold-Serious Money Making Strategies by Clint Locklear - 6 hours - 3 disc --$15.50--sold--
[23]-Coonin' w/Alan Probst -60 minutes --$7.50
[24]-sold-Modern Gray Fox Trapping with Tracy Truman--$12.50--sold--
[25]-Trapping Sets that Produce by Kyle Lasater--$9.50
[26]-sold-Cable Restraints with Newt Sterling--$14.50--sold-
[27]-Dryland Coon Trapping -Unplugged-2 hours--$12.50
[28]-sold-Glands: A Trapper's Commodity with Kyle Kaatz -40 min.--$7.50--sold--

Used Trapping Dvd's

[1]-sold-Get the Net! "Hardcore Trotline Fishing" with Matt Jones - 2 hours --$8.50--sold--
[2]-Lure and Bait Making - tips, tricks & methods with Clint Locklear - 3 hours --$10.50
[3]-Coyote Trapping with Mark June--$7.50
[4]-Runnin'the Line - Makin Crop Circles with Brian Steines & Steve Griebel--$7.50
[5]-Runnin' the Line - 'Coon Trappin' with Brian Steined & Steve Griebel--$7.50
[6]-Running Hard with the Grizz - A Futuristic Coon Trapping System with Mark Steck--$8.50
[7]-Runnin' the Line - Dirt and Water Trapping Basics with Brian Steines & Steve Griebel--$7.50

Please PM me if Interested--Thanks for Looking!

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