Baits & Lures can be picked up here in New Sharon or delivered to the ITT Get Together in Beaman. They can be shipped as well. Shipping not included in the prices.

ADCís Shellfish Payback* - $40/gallon jar (or 2 for $75) CLEARANCE PRICE $20/gal (13 available) Ė
Same great, sticky, sweet recipe as the ADCís Raccoon Payback but fish/crawfish based. Works great at all the sets mentioned above. The addition of the crawfish makes this bait a little thinner consistency if you prefer that. Itís been found to be very attractive to otters too! Best Seller!!!

ADC's Malcom Mink Lure - 2oz bottle $10 CLEARANCE PRICE $5 (11 available) This is chuck full of rat and mink glands. Really works great for mink and muskrats.

ADC's English River Raccoon Lure - 2oz. bottle $10 CLEARANCE PRICE $5 (20 available) This is sweet smoked cherry scented lure! VERY attractive to raccoons!!!

Sodium Benzoate (bait and lure preservative) Use to preserve red meat or fish. - CLEARANCE PRICE $20 per gallon (7 available)

Used Fish Fryer Oil - A cheaper alternative to fish oil. Great alone as an attractant or as a trailing scent or added to baits. Put it in a squeeze bottle (like a dish soap bottle) and squirt a rainbow of it on the bank over your pocket sets so it runs down and makes a slick on the water to flow down stream. You'll attract every coon in the area. Great around DP's to hold their attention as well! - CLEARANCE PRICE $5 per gallon (6 available)

* (Shellfish Payback) I suggest you freeze this bait in the off-season to retain its consistency, it is well preserved but will get thinner if not stored frozen over time.

This is the last of my stock, once its sold it won't be manufactured again until some time when/if the fur markets rebound.