[1]-Canadian Trapper's Mink Methods by Reg Baird 1966 FIRST PRINTING?--$14.50

[2]-How to Trap Mink by Kenneth Frieman--$45.50

[3]-Profitable mink trapping 'The Helfrich Professional System" by Jim Helfrich--$10.50

[4]-Habits of Mink and Professional Mink Trapping Methods and Sets by J. Curtis Grigg Hopkinton, Iowa--$50.50

[5]-Russ Carman's Mink Trapping Methods by Russ Carman 1972 FIRST PRINTING--$13.50

[6]-Bottom Edge Mink Set by Ken Smythe as told by Bob Noonan--$8.50

[7]-Mink by The 100's by Russ Carman--$25.50

[8]-Complete Mink Trapping by Alfred L. Cook [fold down the middle]--$45.50

[9]-Long Liner Mink Trapping by Garold Weiland 1980 Third Printing--$12.50

[10]-Supreme Mink Trapping Methods by George Mace revised third printing--$55.50

[11]-The Most Successful Methods of Trapping Wild Mink by La Varne Israelson Second Edition--$25.50

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