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***ALL DVD'S AE BRAND NEW - Most in Pkg w/Price Tag Sticker ***

[1]-Lesel Reuwsaat's Professional farmaland Trapping Methods--$15.50

[2]-On the Trapline with Lesel Reuwsaat "Advanced Professional Badger Methods--$20.50

[3]-Trapline Anecdotes: New Mexico Sandhills Coyote Trapping with Kyle Kaatz--$13.50

[4]-Snare Building for Profit with Mark Steck--$12.50

[5]-Crushing Coon with the Alcatraz by Clint Locklear--$12.50

[6]-Take Your Trapping to the Extreme - Locating Fox and Coyote Volume III "Predators East and West by J.W. Crawford--$16.50

[7]-Show Me the Money - Pro Fur Handling with Charlie Masheck--$14.50

[8]-Trapline Techniques - Raccoons and Cornfields -Catching Coon in DP'S and Snares with Scott Welch--$17.50

[9]-Trapline Techniques Mud, Snow & Predators with Scott Welch--$17.50

[10]-All Outdoors ~ Instructional Wildlife Series Volume III: Tanning Your Own Animal Fur or Deer Hides--$12.50

[11]-Canine Trapping In Dirt and Snow with Mark Steck--$20.50

[12]-In the Fur Shed: A Complete Video Guide to Fur Handling with Kyle Kaatz and Brian Steines--$14.50

[13]-Runnin the Line: Makin Crop Circles - Predator Trapping with Brian Steines & Steve Griebel--$14.50

[14]-Runnin Hard with The Grizz - A Futuristic Coon Trapping System with Mark Steck----$20.50

[15]-Dryland Coon Trapping - Unplugged -Learn Proven Methods From a Master Trapper in Just 2 Hours! by Mark Steck--$20.50

[16]-A Trapper's Heart by Marty Shettlesworth--$12.50

[17]-SOLD-Top Lot Mink and Muskrat Handling with Leon Windschitl--$15.50--SOLD--

[18]-SOLD-Top Lot Coon Handling with Leon Windschitl--$17.50--SOLD--

[19]-Raccoon Trapping & Handling with Keith Winkler & Tom "Humphrey" Miller--$14.50

[20]-Formulating Trapping Lures and Baits by Nick Wyshinski--$22.50

[21]-Practical Fur Handling with Tom Osbourne--$12.50

[22]-SOLD-South Dakota Dream'n A Muskrat Trapping Adventure with Mark Steck and Others--$12.50--SOLD--

[23]-The Portable Pocket by Clint Locklear--$17.50

[24]-Runnin' the Line: Dirt and Water Trapping Basics with Brian Steines & Steve Griebel--$12.50

[25]-Serious Money Making Strategies by Clint Locklear--$20.50

[26]-Snaring Coyotes in Saskatchewan--$14.50

[27]-Wildlife Control Training Group Presents THe Beginner's Beginning Guide to Fur Trapping--$13.50

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