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[1]-West Texas with Orrin Schoolcraft--$22.50

[2]-SOLD-Trapline Anecdotes: Roadlining Mink, Muskrat & Raccoon Trapping with Kyle Kaatz--$16.50--SOLD--

[3]-High-Oerformance Snaring with Professional Trapper Clint Locklear--$21.50

[4]-SOLD-All Outdoors Instructional Wildlife Series Volume II -- Clean & Preserve Your Own Skulls--$10.50--SOLD--

[5]-Taking Your Trapping to the Extreme - Raccoon - with J.W. Crawford--$16.50

[6]-'Runnin' The Line Coon Trapping with Brian Steines and Steve Griebel--$13.50

[7]-Sold-2006 NTA Demo Dvd--$12.50--Sold--

[8]-Modern Gray Fox Trapping with Tracy Truman--$17.50

[9]-Advanced Predator Trapping in Austalia with Ted Mitchell--$12.50

[10]-Snaring Coyotes in Saskatchewan by Brahn Trapping - Sequel to Snares - A Coyote Worst Nightmare --$14.50

[11]-'Runnin' The Line: Dirt and Water Trapping with Brian Steines and Steve Griebel--$13.50

[12]-Trapline Anecdotes: Back to the Basics with Kyle & Kellen Kaatz & Jackie Malone--$14.50

[13]-Skunks: The Best Investment You'll Ever Make with Kyle Kaatz--$10.50

[14]-Sold-River' 'N' with Clint & Newt - With Professional Trappers Clint Locklear and Newt Sterling--$22.50--Sold-

[15]-4-Hour Watercourse: Beaver, Racoon, Mink, and Muskrat by the North American Trapper Video Productions--$24.50

[16]-Trap Preparation , Tuning and Modification with J. W. Crawford--$13.50

[17]-Double Feature "4 Hours of Predator and Prey" Predators of the Land and Working the Water by North American Trapper Video Productions--$13.50

[18]-Sold-2009 NTA Demo Dvd-50th Anniversary-$12.50--Sold--

[19]-Predator Madness--Guide to Trapping Canines w/Alan Probst 2-Dvd Set--$20.50

[20]-Lure and Bait Making - tips, tricks, and methods with Clint Locklear--$25.50

[21]-Porter's Weasel Trapping System by George and Bill Porter--$15.50

[22]-Beaver Hunting with the Anglin's--$10.50

[23]-Logging Roads, Lanes, and Laminations with Tony Erickson and Brian Dufrense--$16.50

[24]-Trapline Techniques: Canine Fundementals with Scott Welch--$20.50

[25]-Formulating Trapping Lures and Baits wit Nick Wyshinski--$25.50

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