I would also TRADE for Trapping Books if Interested


[1]-Cat Trapping Dixie Style with Randy Biggerstaff -Guaranteed Spot Remover- 2004--$22.50

[2]-SOLD-River Trapping For BIG NUMBERS of COON Volume 2 The Rest of the Story by David S. Plueger 75 Minutes--$25.50--SOLD--

[3]-Muskrat Trapping at It's Best by Brahn Trapping--$12.50

[4]-Beaver on a Beam by Dan Robinson - Volume 1 - 50 minutes --$17.50

[5]-Ken Smythe's Livin on the Edge - Bottom Edge Mink Set --$10.50

[6]-The Verminators - Predator or Prey with Randy Anderson & Rick Paillet 120 minutes--$10.50

[7]-The A-Z of Fox Control by the Warrener -Caught in the Act--$12.50

[8]-Trapper Art's Advanced Fox and Coyote -2 hours 20 minutes--$20.50

[9]-Canadian Beaver Trapping with Bruce Bertram 1990 - 100 minutes --$15.50

[10]-The LongLiner - Mink & Muskrat with Ken McLellan - 60 minutes --$15.50

[11]-The Annilihation of Trap-Shy Nuisance Beaver by David Lafforthun 2005--$14.50

[12]-Fisher Trapping "The Johnny Thorpe Way" by Johnny Thorpe 105 Minutes--$15.50

[13]-High Performance Snaring with Professional Trapper Clint Locklear [NEW IN PKG]--$24.50

[14]-High Performance Snaring 2 with Professional Trapper Clint Locklear [NEW IN PKG]--$25.50

[15]-Putting Up Otter for TOP LOT by Clint Locklear [NEW IN PKG]--$20.50

[16]-Otter'ly Simple with Professional Trapper Clint Locklear & Newt Sterling [NEW IN PKG]--$16.50

[17]-The Two-Minute Coyote - The Complete Time-saving, Profitable Guide to Case [Tube] Skinning Fur Bearing Animals by Hand. Also Trap preparation - Trapping - Making your own Lure -Start to finish Fur by Finley Furs 1988--$13.50

[18]-Under-Ice Beaver Snaring with John Lee and Harold Linskey--$14.50

[19]-The North American Hunting Odyssey Video Collection Volume 1 [includes locked antlers, Midwest Duck Hunt,Alaska Trophy Brown Bear & lots more--$14.50

[20]-[After the Catch] with Matt Jones - Pro Fur Handling for the Fur Trapper and Hunter [4 hours 2-Tape Set] ***NEW IN PKG.***--$25.50

[21]-Hardcore Cat and Coyote Trapping 2004 "Secrets of the Eastern Longline" with Matt Jones & Len Williams [NEW IN PKG]--$22.50

[22]-Eastern Raccoon Trapping "Roads, Creeks, and River" with Matt Jones & Len Williams [NEW IN PKG]--$17.50

[23]-Coyote Trapping *East of the Big River* with Matt Jones--$17.50

[24]-SOLD-Killer Otter Trapping Techniques with Master Trapper Claudie Taylor--$22.50--SOLD--

--Please PM me if Interested--Thanks for Looking!

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