--Most if not all Books on this list are NEW [Never Read]--

[1]-One Square Mile by Ed Schneider 2014 Second Edition [NEW][One little smudge on inside page]--$18.50

[2]-Otter Trapping Knowledge and Methods by Fred A. Lawrence 1999 FIRST EDITION [NEW]--$15.50

[3]-West Texas Trapping by Orrin Schoolcraft [NEW IN PKG]--$17.50

[4]-SOLD-Mink Trapping Quest for Prime Mink by Red O' Hearn [NEW IN PKG]--$22.50--SOLD--

[5]-Predator Trapping Problems and Solutions Volume IV- The Very Last Edition by Larry "Slim" Pederson [NEW IN PKG]--$16.50

[6]-Complete Bobcat Trapping Methods by Larry "Slim" Pederson [NEW IN PKG]----$15.50

[7]-Life of Coyotes & Its Survival in the Wild by Larry "Slim" Pederson--$13.50

[8]-Efficient Effective New Snare Methods by Larry "Slim" Pederson [NEW IN PKG]--$14.50

[9]-A Half Century of Mink Trapping 1920's to 1990's A Guide to Mink, Coon and Muskrat Trapping & Longlining by Clyde Pidcock " The Old Trapper 1990 [NEW w/slight scuffing]--$17.50

[10]-All Weather Mink by Bob Noonan 1989 [NEW]--$11.50

[11]-MINKOLOGY by Don Nicely Jr.1990 FIRST PRINTING--$10.50

[12]-The Fox Trapper's Journal by Don Nicely Jr. [NEW]--$8.50

[13]-Advanced Foxology by Don Nicely Jr. Pro Trapper & Lure Maker [NEW]--$10.50

[14]-Bottom Edge Mink Set by Ken Smythe as told to Bob Noonan 1993 [NEW]--$7.50

[15]-NEW AGE DP Coon Trapping Methods and More! by Leroy Renno [NEW IN PKG]--$11.50

[16]-Wisconsin Raccoon Trapper Land and Water Raccoon Trapping Methods by Bruce Porter 2010 [NEW]--$10.50

[17]-MINK TRAPPING A Deep and Complete Long Lining Systen by Don Powell [NEW IN PKG]--$18.50

[18]-The Trapperman.com Book 2003 Dedicated to Charles Dobbins 1925-1997 by Registered Users of Trapperman.com [NEW w/slight dog ear on top rh corner]--$17.50

[19]-MacGowan's Non-Freezing Dirt-Methods by Gordon E. MacGOWEN [Revised]--$22.50

[20]-SOLD-Beaver Trapping Miller Style by Dirk Miller 1992 FIRST EDITION [NEW]--$14.50--SOLD--

[21]-Long Liner Mink Trapping by Garold Weiland 1980 Third Printing [NEW]--$12.50

[22]-Long Liner 'Cat Trapping by Garold Weiland 1979 Second Printing [NEW]--$17.50

[23]-Long Liner Coyote Trapping by Garold Weland 1982 Second Printing [NEW]--$17.50

[24]-Conibear Beaver Trapping in Open Water Master Beaver Trapping Techniques by Wesley Murphey 1996 [NEW]--$14.50

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