Vhs Trapping Tapes. Some Older and still in Package

I have picked up 166 Vhs Trapping Tapes and will be listing a few at a Time

They do have on the market where you can convert your Vhs Tapes on to Dvd's if so desired


[1]-SOLD-Billingsley Brand High Production Beaver Trapping 2005 "The Fastest Beaver Trapping Methods on Earth" [STILL IN PKG]Dale Billingsley--$25.50--SOLD--

[2]-Billingsley Brand Raccoon Trapping 2005 "Stringing Steel with Coon Appeal" Master Cooner Methods-Dale Billingsley--$25.50

[3]-SOLD-River Trapping For Big Numbers of Coon by David S. Plueger 1 hour--$25.50--SOLD--

[4]-SOLD-Beaver Line Adventures by David Plueger & Dick Draisey--New Sets,Methods and Lure Usasage are shown 1 hr 45 min--$25.50--SOLD--

[5]-SOLD--River Trapping for BIG COON Volume 2 The Rest of the Story by David Plueger 75 minutes--$25.50--SOLD

[6]-SOLD-Beaver by the Numbers by Jeff "Coon" Richter 75 min--$17.50--SOLD--

[7]-SOLD-Professional Dry Land Coon Trapping" Part I by Dennis Kirk & Bob Kirk 1987--$15.50--SOLD--

[8]-Take your Trapping to the EXTREME Raccoon Locating & Trapping Video by J.W. Crawford 90 minutes--$12.50

[9]-SOLD-Trapping the Canines "The Way it Is" with Mike McMurray 1 hr 59 min--$27.50--SOLD--

[10]-SOLD-Intermediate Coyote Trapping by Tom Beaudette 1997--$17.50--SOLD--

[11]-SOLD-Advanced Coyote techniques by Tom Beaudette 1999--$17.50--SOLD--

[12]-McLellan's Mink Trapping Instructional Video--Professional Methods of Trapping Wild Mink with Ken McLellan 50 minutes--$15.50

[13]-Mega Mink Methods --The Video-- A Complete Guide to Effective Mink Trapping by Gerald Schmitt 2001 1 hr 55 min--$17.50

[14]-SOLD-Under Ice Muskrat Trapping Minnesota Style--$22.50--SOLD--

[15]-SOLD-Basic Coyote Control by Tom Beaudette 1996--$17.50--SOLD--

[16]-Calling the Elusive Coyote with Professional Caller Vern Howey 2000--$8.50

[17]-SOLD-Snares & Snaring for Foxes & Mink by the Warrener--$17.50--SOLD--

[18]-SOLD-Eastern Style Professional Fox Trapping w/Professional Trapper Bob Jameson Volumes I & II 4 hrs 2 Tape Set--$30.50--SOLD--

[19]-"Straight Forward Mink Trapping" Part II by Dennis Kirk & Mike Marsyada 1988--$35.50

[20]-Leggett's Fox Trapping Video-Foxes by the Thousands by Pete & Ron Leggett 90 minutes--$12.50

[21]-SOLD-Johnny Thorpe's Mink Trapping "Come Hell or High Water" 1 hr 15 min--$25.50--SOLD--

[22]-Take Your Trapping to the Extreme Locating Fox & Coyote Volume III Predators East to West by J.W. Crawford--$12.50

[23]-Eastern Raccoon Trapping "Roads, Creeks, and Rivers by Matt Jones & Len Williams 2004--$16.50

[24]-Leggett's Coyote Trapping Video Coyote by the Thousand by Pete and Ron Leggett 90 minutes--$15.50

[25]-Skinning and Handling Furs by Roger Hutton 3 hrs 10 min--$13.50

[26]-Trapping the Elusive Coyote with Professional Trapper Gary Jepson 2 hrs--$17.50

[27]-Take Your Trapping to the EXTREME The Most Extensive Fox & Coyote Locating and Trapping Video by J.W. Crawford--$12.50

[28]-Fox Trapping with John Graham 120 minutes--$13.50

[29]-Bobcat Trapping with John Graham [NEW IN PKG] 120 minutes--$14.50

[30]-SOLD-Mike Gurski's Canadian Trapline Adventures--$12.50--SOLD--

[31]-J.W. Crawford'd Fox Trapping Part-Timing or Longlining--$12.50

[32]-SOLD-Otter Trapping Made Simple by John Wilkinson 1 hr 24 min [NEW IN PKG]--$16.50--SOLD--

[33]-The Art of Professional Beaver Control by Clint Locklear 2-Tape Set [NEW IN PKG]--$30.50

[34]-Snares, A Coyote Worst Nightmare by Brahn Trapping-Canada--$12.50

[35]-Beaver Harvest by Brahn Trapping-Canada--$12.50

[36]-All About Ginseng Hunting by John W.Epler Jr. 95 minutes--$10.50

[37]-Longline Road Trapping dakota Style Volume I with Mark Steck 2 hrs--$15.50

[38]-Master Raccoon Snaring with Newt Sterling 2004-- $15.50

[39]-SOLD-Trapper Arts Advance Fox and Coyote 2 hrs 20 min--$20.50--SOLD--

[40]-SOLD-Professional Snaring by Steve Snyder--$12.50--SOLD--

[41]-Coyote Trapping East of the Big River with Matt Jones [NEW IN PKG]--$18.50

[42]-North American Trappers Working with Water--$9.50

[43]-SOLD-Otter Made Easy Presented by Dan Robinson Volume Two 55 minutes--$13.50--SOLD--

[44]-SOLD-"Double Vision" Coyote Trapping with Scott Behrens--$12.50--SOLD--

[45]-Pro Nuisance Trapping A.D.C. by Steve Snyder [NEW IN PKG]--$12.50

[46]-SOLD-Derrick's Predator Products Southern Rocky Mountain Bobcat Trapping--Where Predators Come to Die--$15.50--SOLD--

[47]-Jim Spencer The Mink Movie Volumes 1,2,3,4 Buy all 4 Volumes for $40.50

--Please order by Number of Vhs Tape--

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