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#124235 - 02/03/22 12:08 AM Trapping Books for Sale--[LOW PRICE]
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*********FREE SHIPPING*************

[1]-Expert Mink and Coon Trapping by Donald G. Bierman 1970 [slight separation of staples from cover]--$17.50 Now $12.50

[2]-SOLD-Long Auto Traplines by J. Curtis Grigg 1982 [books includes [2] inserts-one is a double-sided page with drawings of Dry Set for Mink & Coon after Freeze and the other side is for a Mink & Coon Set--The 2nd insert seems to be a page out of this book [but out of a different one] with hand written notes on it--$45.50--SOLD--

[3]-Profitable Opossum Trapping by Romer Cool 1984 [super slight stain throughout one edge and very hard to find]--$25.50 now $20.50

[4]-Conibear Beaver Trapping In Open Water Master Beaver Trapping Techniques by Wesley Murphey 1996--$13.50 now $9.50

[5]-Duck Stamps Identification & Value Guide by L.A. Chappell 2002--$8.50 now $4.50

[6]-SOLD-Tips to Trappers by Johnny Muskrat and his Trapping Friends 1939-1940--$9.50 now $6.50--SOLD--

[7]-"The Beaver Book" by Nick Wyshinski [previous owners name on inside cover]--$8.50 now $5.50

[8]-Allweather Mink-A Bodygripper Mink Trapping System that Functions Effectively with little maintenance during flooding and freezing wither conditions by Bob Noonan 1989--$11.50 now $9.50

[9]-Beyond the Dirt Hole--An Advanced Course in Predator Trapping by Don Lee 1989 [old price tag on cover]--$12.50 now $10.50

[10]-Fur Bearers and Their Glands by Glenn Hanson 1989 3rd Printing--$10.50 now $6.50

[11]-A Guidebook: Formulating & Compounding Animal Lures & Baits by Nick Wyshinski 2001 Third Edition--$12.50 now $10.50

[12]-New Age DP Coon Trapping Methods and More! by Leroy Renno 2013 First Printing--$12.50 now $8.50

[13]-Variations of a Flat Set by Charles L. Dobbins 2012 Third Printing--$11.50 now $7.50

[14]-Killer Traps & Killer Sets by Raymond Thompson 1979 Eighth Edition [New Book]--$15.50 now $12.50

[15]-History of the Self-Locking Steel Snare by Raymond Thompson [New Book]--$15.50 now $12.50

[16]-Muskrat Trapper's Guide by Mitchell S. Ricketts 1988 [very slight tare on bottom LH corner of cover]--$12.50 now $10.50

[17]-SOLD-Competition Line Coyote Trapping by Tom Miranda 1987--$14.50--SOLD--

[18]-Predator Trapping Problems And Solutions Volume II by Larry Slim Pederson--$75.50 now $70.50

[19]-Bicentennial Edition FOX TRAPPING by Duane E. Hall 1976--$20.50 now $15.50

[20]-Down by the River by Ed Phetteplace [damage to front cover]--$25.50 now $20.50

[21]-The Professional Beaver and Otter Trapper by O.L. Butcher--$10.50 now $8.50

[22]-The Mink and How to Trap Them by O.L. Butcher [New Book]-$10.50 now $8.50

[23]-Professional Fox Trapping by O.L. Butcher 1974 Third Printing [New Book]--$10.50 now $8.50

[24]-Pete Rickard's Fox-Coyote Trapping Instruction Course 1978 [New Book]--$10.50 now $6.50

[25]-How To Trap and Use Lure and Bait For Greater Profits by S. Stanley Hawbaker 1967 Third Edition [New Book]--$8.50 now $6.50

[26]-Master Mink Methods by E.J. Dailey Fourth Edition [New Book]--$8.50 now $5.50

[27]-The Art of Deer and Bear Hunting by Fred Goodwin and S. Stanley Hawbaker Fifth Edition [New Book]--$8.50 now $3.50

[28]-Beaver and Otter Trapping by S. Stanley Hawbaker Revised Second Edition [New Book]--$8.50 now $5.50

[29]-Streamlined Mink Trapping by John Clouser 1981 Fourth Printing [New Book]--$9.50 now $7.50

---Please order by the Number of Book---

Please PM Me if you are Interested and Thanks for Looking!

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#124313 - 02/04/22 08:28 PM Re: Trapping Books for Sale--[BEST OFFERS] [Re: Bottom Edge]
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