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#103207 - 11/15/20 07:46 PM Trapping Books for Sale--!!!LOWER PRICE!!!!
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[1]-Land of Fur and Gold--Autobiography of Raymond Thompson 1980--$11.50 NOW $9.50

[2]-Modern Professional Snare Methods for Fox Coyote & 'coon by Lonnie Huber 1981--$9.50 NOW %7.50

[3]-Making Mud Pies for Beaver by Rich Faler 1994--$8.50 NOW $6.50--SOLD--

[4]-The MINK Trapper's Guide 2nd Revised Edition by Rich Faler 1994--$12.50 NOW $9.50

[5]-Elimination of the Wring-Off Problem In Open Water Beaver Trapping by Don Bolen 1967--$20.50 NOW $17.50

[6]-SPACE-AGE BEAVER and OTTER TRAPPING by John Clouser 3rd printing 1977--$10.50 NOW $8.50

[7]-Ragnar's Ten Best Traps and a Few Others that are Damn Good Too by Ragnar Benson 1985--$12.50 NOW $10.50

[8]-Desert Trapping the Big Three by J.C. Connor [New in Package]--$12.50--SOLD--

[9]-The Trapper's Handbook--The Ins and Outs of Successful Trapping by Rick Jamison [slight spine wear]--$15.50 NOW $12.50

[10]-Trapline Relics Guide Volume One Number Three-HUNTER TRADER TRAPPER- Oct/Dec. 1973-In this issue a special magazine & Book pricing by D.E. Drake--$12.50 NOW $9.50

[11]-HUNTER TRADER TRAPPER Magazine July 1924--$17.50 NOW $15.50

[12]-HUNTER TRADER TRAPPER Magazine November 1936--$15.50 NOW $13.50

[13]-HUNTER TRADER TRAPPER Magazine January 1937--$14.50 NOW $12.50

[14]-The Professional Beaver and Otter Trapper by O.L. Butcher [original copy]--$12.50 NOW $10.50

[15]-The Bobcat Connection-A Trapping System-by Clint Cumming 1988--$12.50 NOW $10.50

[16]-Chronicles of a Longliner--Ride Along for 50 Years of Trapping by Gary Jepson [NEW IN PACKAGE]--$25.50 NOW $22.50

[17]-The Hunting and Trapping Controversy by Ed Phetteplace--$11.50 NOW $8.50

[18]-Fox Trapping Methods by Chester R. Hall [small booklet]--$6.50 NOW $4.50

[19]-Grawe's Mink Trapping Methods by A.M. Grawe 2nd printing 1981--$12.50 NOW $10.50

[20]-Grawe's RACCOON Trapping & Snaring Methods by A.M. Grawe FIRST PRINTING 1978 [Very small tear on cover]--$11.50 NOW $7.50

[21]-Grawe's Snaring Methods Vol. 2 by A.M. Grawe--$7.50 NOW $5.50

[22]-MEGA MINK METHODS-A Complete Guide to Effective Mink Trapping by Gerald Schmitt [SIGNED BY AUTHOR]--$14.50 NOW $12.50

[23]-The Coyote Hunter--A Complete Guide to Tactics, equipment and techniques for hunting North Americ'a perfect predator by Don Laubach,Merv Griswold and Mark Henkel 2000--$9.50 NOW $7.50

[24]-Snaring 2000 by Hal Sullivan-21st Century Snaring Techniques 3rd printing 2008--$8.50 NOW $6.50--SOLD--

[25]-Professional COON CALLING by Dennis Kirk 1987--$8.50 NOW $6.50

[26]-Long Liner Fox Trapping Volume 1 by Garold Weland [NEW IN PACKAGE]--$8.50 NOW $6.50

[27]-DYNAMITE Mink & Coon Trapping by Tom Krause [NEW IN PACKAGE]--$10.50 NOW $7.50

[28]-No Nonsense Beaver and Otter Trapping by Mike Marsyada--$8.50 NOW $6.50--SOLD--

[29]-Canadian Trapper's DIRT-HOLE SYSTEM by Reg Baird 5th Edition 1973--$12.50 NOW $10.50

[30]-The Trap Collectors Guide [Revised Edition] by R.B.Frodelius and R.E. Burt 1977--$13.50 NOW $11.50

[31]-SPACE-AGE Coon Trapping For Today and Beyond by Bernie Barringer 2nd Printing 1998--$8.50 NOW $6.50

[32]-LEGGETT'S Coyote Trapping Methods [autobiography] by Pete and Ron Leggett 1999--$14.50 NOW $12.50

--Please order by Number of Book--

Please PM me if interested--Thanks for Looking!!!

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#103399 - 11/18/20 02:29 PM Re: Trapping Books for Sale--!!!LOWER PRICE!!!! [Re: Bottom Edge]
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Registered: 01/08/17
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